What Our Clients Say

I have known Henri for about 2 years. My experience
with her healing work has been extremely positive.
Her work is both subtle yet profound. Although her hands
barely touch the surface of the skin – or don’t touch at all,
the positive effects are felt for weeks thereafter.

During the time that I have known Henri I have referred
many of my own clients to her. Virtually without exception,
all have reported wonderful results, and many continued
seeking out her healing work.

In short, I have found Henri’s work and her presence to
be transformative. I recommend her without reservation.

– D.R. (Hawaii, USA)

The actual practical experience was very good  (ex.

neck stretch, exercise for depression).  It was good

to pair up and feel each other’s energy, to learn to

recognize different responses. The cross-over sweeps

were very beneficial because it was the first time I

consciously felt my energy field.  I was also able to

feel grounded more often than I have at any other

workshop, and I definitely was more aware of

energy flow.   Thank you so much.

– R.S. (Hawaii, USA)

It was a wonderful workshop. I want to make use

of the experience and love myself more.  The teacher

was wonderful.  I felt something inside of me which

was sleeping wake up and I’m happy.  Different parts

of my body are warm (and they weren’t before).

– Y.I. (Tokyo, Japan)

This class was my 83rd birthday present to myself.

It was excellent.

– M.L.P. (Arizona, USA)

The class was easy to follow and very interesting.

For many years I have tried to meditate.  I tried

zazen, but couldn’t concentrate.   After this class,

I can do it.   For the first time, I could concentrate

during meditation.  I also realized I am not very

grounded.  After practicing these techniques,

I feel different.   I do not blush so much any

more.   I learned a lot.

– H.S. (Tokyo, Japan)

It was a wonderful and enlightening experience.

I learned a lot!   I understood a lot of things, too.

Thank you.

– B.D.O. (Brazil)

It was good to move parts of my body that I

usually don’t.   I learned many  specific examples

about how to remove stress from my body, and

they were easy to follow.  You are just as you are,

very natural, and a good teacher.   I was able to

relax and receive with my whole body.

– S.S. (Tokyo, Japan)

I used to have panic attacks at work, especially

when customers came in who were bossy.  They

would look at everything I did.    If I made a

mistake, even a small one, I would start to shake,

inside my stomach, then my hands and voice.

I was so ashamed, and the more I tried to stop,

the worse it became.  I tried many things.    Even my

doctor told me to relax, but it was hard.  Then

I attended Energy ALIVE and there was something

I learned that really helped.   I’m going to practice

the exercises at home, too.

– F.D. (Hawaii, USA)

I have been using the computer every day on my job,

and for a long time have felt that it took my energy.

That is why I attended the class.   After the Energy

ALIVE workshop, I care about myself more, about

each part of my body.   I learned how to protect

myself from the computer’s energy.   It was what

I most wanted to know, and I thank you.   From

now on, I want to connect more with the earth

and notice my chakras.   I will use this in my life.

– N.K. (Tokyo, Japan)

I joined this workshop to improve my energy

awareness skills, and I did. In this workshop, I

learned how to use energy more efficiently,

and it was a lot of fun. Henri-san is such a

good teacher.

– T.F. (Tokyo, Japan)

I’ve been taking the Mentorship program in Energy Alive
with Henri and have been astounded with her capabilities
in reading people!    She was right on target with finding the
right personality matches for our group, and we have had
so much fun!    Even on those days that I didn’t really want
to go, Henri calmly encouraged me and was I ever glad I
went that day.    Her form of teaching is simple and to the
point while maintaining an atmosphere of complete peace.
I’m looking forward in continuing to the next level with her.
Learning Energy Alive has really helped me in so many areas
of my life, and I’m still learning new ways in using Energy
Alive throughout my day.    Thank you Henri!


– S.S. (Hawaii, USA)

I enjoyed the hands-on aspect of this course.  This
is a practice you can use on yourself and not require
a partner to administrate the actions.  It’s such a natural
process as if I knew this information but needed someone
to remind me.    I have enjoyed the loving way in which
Henri teaches and explains everything.

– M.D. (Sydney, Australia)

Totally enjoyed the class.  Had fun while learning new

and worthwhile techniques.  I’ve got acupuncture charts,

so Energy ALIVE can fit straight into my body/energy/mind

work that I do.

– J.L. (Sydney, Australia)

I have known Henri for over 2 years.  She has worked many times
on me, as well as all of my family, many friends, and even my pets.
I often recommend her to others when I hear someone is in need.
(Trust her!)  

Henri is very gifted, talented and educated on many modalities
that will help with the healing…(she) is truly loving, compassionate
and caring for her clients…There were many times when I felt
that I had some major healing going on just by talking and asking
questions, even when there was no hands-on energy.  I trust and
recommend Henri Furgiuele 100%.    Thank you for all that you do
for my family, my friends, and me.

L.I. – a Work From Home Mom (WFHM)    (Hawaii, USA)