How you can learn

There are two ways to approach learning Energy ALIVE, depending on your schedule and how much time you are wanting to invest.  


 You can join a two-day or three-day workshop offered regularly by Henri when she is in town.   She does not post these classes on her website (too time consuming), so please email her or phone her to check availability.

This option is perfect for those who have a limited amount of time and want to learn as much Energy ALIVE as they can while visiting Oahu.    This is also how Henri teaches Energy ALIVE when she travels to Asia, Europe or the US Mainland. 

Henri recommends  students attend these two- or three-day workshops several times  (repeat students receive a discount, of course).  Why repeat a class?  Because it is difficult to learn ANYTHING in depth in two days.    Intellectual understanding is only one aspect of integration, and this work — though simple – requires a deeper sense of awareness.    It takes time and practice to bring concepts and techniques into body memory, and then to move them deeper into a platform for living one’s life.

Energy ALIVE is designed to be useful even after the first day of class.  Each workshop gives you tools and understandings that deepen your connection with your body, your mind and your hands.   Yes, repetition will deepen your skill and support you more deeply, but even one workshop will give you immediate support.  You will learn exercises and feather-light techniques for releasing blocked or stuck energies from your eyes, neck and shoulders, chest, back, arms and legs, and so forth.   And that is just the beginning…..



 The second way of learning Energy ALIVE® is to approach it using a MENTORING format.   

Classes in Hawaii can take place in small groups or one-on-one, in 3-hour segments four times  a month.    Usually that means we meet
once a week, for about six months.

This approach is perfect for residents or visitors to Hawaii who want to take the time to integrate Energy ALIVE more deeply into their routine.   In this format, we take two months to cover each PHASE.     This option also allows students to space out their tuition payments.



As mentioned above, for healing and integration to occur, a different format is needed, one that allows for the deeper levels of mind to
resonate with the healing techniques being taught, and to do this over time.   Students who choose the MENTORING option usually do not need to repeat the workshop, since the ongoing practice over a six-month semester creates a solid foundation.

  • Three-hour classes slow down the amount of material being
    conveyed at one time into easily absorbed segments.

  • The short amount of time between each class allows
    students to practice what they have learned, to discover
    gaps in their understanding which can be addressed the
    following week.

  • Practice between classes also helps students cultivate a
    healing routine in daily life, so that by the time the class
    series ends, they have created NEW habits of healing for