One key feature about the structure of Energy ALIVE®
is its MENTORING format.
    Classes in Hawaii take
place in small groups or one-on-one, in 3-hour segments
four times
  a month.    Usually that means we meet
a week, for about six months.


WHY SMALL GROUPS?     This individualizes the classes, so that
students receive the support they need for what they are wanting
to learn.


are designed to be taught in a weekend.  It’s convenient and practical.
For  intellectually-based classes, where one relies more on left-brain,
detail-oriented learning, it is an adequate structure.  Memorization
and repetition of facts can be achieved in this format, but not depth.


For healing and integration to occur, a different format is
needed, one that allows for the deeper levels of mind to
resonate with the healing techniques being taught, and to
do this over time.


MENTORING offers that ability.


  • Three-hour classes slow down the amount of material being
    conveyed at one time into easily absorbed segments.

  • The short amount of time between each class allows
    students to practice what they have learned, to discover
    gaps in their understanding which can be addressed the
    following week.

  • Practice between classes also helps students cultivate a
    healing routine in daily life, so that by the time the class
    series ends, they have created NEW habits of healing for

In Hawaii, Energy ALIVE has been taught in this format for
four years now,
with visible differences in what participants
are able to glean and embody in their life.