Classes / Retreats

Energy ALIVE is currently offered in the United States, Japan and in Australia.   We hope to have Energy ALIVE classes and/or sessions available in China as well.   


US flagOngoing EA classes are available in Hawaii.     APRIL-MAY 2016 brings Energy ALIVE to the Washington, DC area!    We are holding a 6-day practitioner training retreat at the Intuitive Wellness Center in Burke, Virginia.   

For more info on Energy ALIVE classes in Hawaii  or the U.S. Mainland, click here.   For information about the structure of Energy ALIVE programs in the US, click here.


The next Energy ALIVE class in Australia will be offered in September 2016  in Manly Beach, NSW.  It will be a 6-day healing retreat and practitioner training in Energy ALIVE, the first such  course offered in Australia.    No prior experience of Energy ALIVE or energy healing is necessary.  You will learn everything you need in the week-long healing retreat.

Henri Rand Furgiuele will be teaching Phases 1, 2, and 3 of Energy ALIVE and also offering private sessions.    Appointment times and class size are limited, so please take a look at the schedule and register early if you are interested in either.    You can contact Henri using the CONTACT US form in this website.


Japanese flag

Japanese Energy ALIVE individual and/or practitioner training classes are available in Japan.    Please contact Henri Rand Furgiuele for details.

Classes are held by Phase (Phase 1, 2 or 3).     Students can take these classes for their own healing, to learn techniques for themselves and their family, OR as mentioned above,  they can pursue a professional track as a Certified Practitioner.