Classes / Retreats

Energy ALIVE is currently offered in USA, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia  (and soon, we hope, in Mainland China).   





Ongoing EA classes are available in Hawaii and Virginia, and elsewhere by demand.     For more info on Energy ALIVE classes in Hawaii  or the U.S. Mainland, click here.   For information about the structure of Energy ALIVE programs in the US, click here.


JAPAN – 日本




Classes  in Japan are taught by PHASE (Phase 1, 2, 3, or 4).     Students can take these classes for their own healing, to learn techniques for themselves and their family, OR as mentioned above,  they can pursue a professional track as a Certified Practitioner.   For more information about events in Japan, please click here.



Henri often travels to Australia to teach Energy ALIVE.   For information about the upcoming 2018 AUSTRALIA RETREAT, click here.







Energy ALIVE is taught every year in Hong Kong.   Please contact Henri for details of her next trip to Central Hong Kong.