2018 RETREAT in the Mountains of Australia



for the complete retreat information packet:

2018 EA retreat in Snowy Mountains ENGLISH A4

2018 EA retreat in Snowy Mountains JPNS A4


Imagine yourself spending a week in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, learning healing skills you can apply personally and professionally for the rest of your life.  Extraordinary views greet you each day.  You will enjoy the comfort of a spacious private home in a small mountain community.  And a professional chef will prepare two organic meals for you each day.  It is a relaxing combination of healing, exploration and training, led by Energy ALIVE founder Henri Rand Furgiuele. 

SEPTEMBER 14 – 23, 2018.

Henri will teach Energy ALIVE Phases 2, 3 and 4.    Phase 4 is an advanced Energy ALIVE workshop.   It is being taught in Australia for the first time.   Participants will need to attend Energy ALIVE Phase 1 prior to arriving at the retreat. 

The retreat is conducted in English with professional Japanese interpretation provided.   Participants who speak either English OR Japanese are welcome.   Please let Henri know what language you need for your student manuals when you register for the retreat.    (Please click on the above link for full retreat details).

We will stay in a large private home in the small mountain community of Jindabyne.   Our schedule is full, yet there is relaxation built in.  There will be time for personal reflection and practice, or for a walk around Lake Jindabyne (shown in the image above).   We will have a professional chef provide organic meals for us each day, and there are charming cafes where we can also experience Australian specialties.

Come join us and experience a part of Australia most visitors miss.   You will learn skills that deepen your connection to your own body, mind and heart, and find new strengths and abilities you can use for the rest of your life.    


TO REGISTER of FOR MORE INFO:    Henri Rand Furgiuele   (click on link for contact details)




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MANLY BEACH Australia 6-day RETREAT – September 2016

Sydney-Opera-House---webManly Beach, Sydney, Australia







A 6-day Practitioner Training Retreat for Energy ALIVE (PHASES 1, 2, and 3) is being held in beautiful Manly Beach, NSW, AUSTRALIA.    The smell of the ocean is in the air, and the tall evergreen trees that line the beach are just footsteps away.   About an hour from Sydney, this location has amazing ocean views, wonderful restaurants and shops nearby.  We’ll learn in a relaxed setting, and come away refreshed yet equipped with new skills and practices for self and others.

WHEN?         SEPTEMBER 15-22, 2016
(classes Sept. 16-21, arrive 15th, leave 22nd)

WHAT?         PHASES 1, 2, and 3 of Energy ALIVE
(this fulfills coursework requirements for EA practitioner certification….other requirements exist)

WHO?           open to anyone 18 and older
(no prior healing training required)

The retreat will be conducted by Energy ALIVE founder Henri Rand Furgiuele.    For more information, contact Henri by email.  Although this is the first Energy ALIVE retreat held in Australia, EA retreats in other countries have been transformative for all who attend.   The relaxed environment deepens our experience and learning.   This is an amazing opportunity to de-compress, recharge, and learn skills that can bring even more healing and abundance into your life.   Come join us!

Manly Wharf Panoramic


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2016 Energy ALIVE Newsletter 2016年3月ニュースレター

The new Energy ALIVE Newsletter is available.

Last year was an amazing year for Energy ALIVE.
The momentum continues for 2016, and on the nextENG screenshot 2016 newletter
few pages, I hope you will take a peek at what is unfolding. There are activities in three countries and all will have professional Japanese interpretation if needed. Enjoy!

ENGLISH version:    2016 EA newsletter.




この流れは2016年も続きます。以下のJPNS screenshot 2016 newsletterページをご覧
くださいね。 3カ国で活動があります。 必要であればどの
国でもプロの日本語通訳 が入ります。お楽しみに!

ダウンロードする: 2016年3月ニュースレター

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GREEN BERYL and FLUORITE MALA with Bodhi Tree Seeds from BODH GAYA, India

Bodhi seed green beryl fluorite mala      Bodhi seed green beryl fluorite mala 2


IMG_2272    IMG_2231


This is a very unique bracelet.     In it there are three series of three.

  •  Three Green Beryl (the same family as Morganite and Aquamarine) that are luminous and deep.   Each green beryl sphere is 10 mm.
  • Three Green Fluorite which are powerful cleansers of energy and strong healers.
    They never need clearing.   Each fluorite sphere is 10 mm.
  • Three seeds from a Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India.  Bodh Gaya is the place where Gautama Buddha is said to have become enlightened. The tree under which he sat  is called the Bodhi Tree.  These seeds are from that tree in that place.   Each seed is 8 mm.  

The rest of the stones are green fluorite “button” beads, with micro-faceted quartz on either side, which strengthens and supports all the other stones.

As always, this is a one-of-a-kind bracelet.  And of course, the stones have been energized.

Please email me if you are interested.


$100.00  $US plus shipping   ブレスレットの値段は 米ドル $100.00 プラス送料 です。

(Energy ALIVE students can receive a discount from this price.)  (エナジー・アライブの生徒さんには割引があります。)


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SUGILITE and FLUORITE – a wonderful combination




What a special energy these stones impart!    Nine 7 mm sugilite beads alternate with six
8 mm purple fluorite beads.  They alternate in groups of three.    All are flanked by
micro-faceted clear quartz and translucent green fluorite.   One Palo Santo wood bead
adds to the vibration.


Sugilite is known for emotional balancing.   This is not the bright purple sugilite but a
deeper more grounded version (still, all natural).  Purple fluorite alternates with the
sugilite, flanked by micro-facted quartz and green fluorite button beads.     Fluorite is
a clearing stone that can help us detox and clear those energies we no longer need.
Great when working on the computer, or when working with customers.   I love this
combinations of stones, especially when supported by sacred wood (in this case, Palo Santo).


Wear it in good health!!




If you are interested in this bracelet please contact me directly.
Energy ALIVE students will receive a discount on the price listed below.


$80.00 plus shipping.
$80.00 プラス送料

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IMG_1451  IMG_1456



Indian Sandalwood, Chinese Fluorite and Amitabha Buddha meditation bracelet.

Amitabha (sometimes known as Amida Buddha, is the spiritual father of Kuan Yin.    Within Mahayana Buddhism, he is revered as a deity of universal love and light.

The wooden bead depicting his face is hand-carved.    Each one is unique.   I made this bracelet as a companion to the Kuan Yin lavender fluorite and sandalwood

bracelet posted earlier this month.    The Kuan Yin bracelet has a softer, more feminine quality.   Its stones are smaller and lighter on the arm.

This bracelet is stronger, and can be used in prayer, or for decoration.

Although I am not Buddhist, these stones and this face speak to me.   Fluorite always helps me clear the debris and confusion in my life.   The image of Amida reminds me

that we are indeed what we think, having become what we have thought.    Powerful words in this season of change.   And of course, the Indian Sandalwood adds balance to the ensemble,

and an additional spiritual resonance.   Wear it in good health!

Suitable for men or women.

$65 US plus shipping.    email Henri if you are interested in this one-of-a-kind offering.


IMG_1454  IMG_1455

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    IMG_1436  IMG_1437

IMG_1439  IMG_1438



This is one of my favorite bracelets of the year.    The tones are warm wood with soft lavender accents and clear fluorite.    Stable, strong and yet with a soft energy that supports rather than thrusts.    What is in it?   Indian Sandalwood:    six round beads of natural sandalwood (which still have the aroma of the tree).     Chinese Fluorite:   five 8 mm round beads of clear fluorite with faint streaks of purple and green in them.   These are on the back side of the bracelet.   They offer powerful detox and clearing support, especially for those who use their computers on a regular basis.    Lavender Fluorite:  six  slightly smaller beads of micro-faceted lavender fluorite.    They feel soft and gentle, one might even say “kindly”.    They flank the centerpiece of the bracelet, which is a hand-carved wooden bead from China of the deity Kuan Yin:    Kuan Yin is the Bodihisattva (deity) of compassion in Buddhism.    The face is a reminder to seek a more compassionate choice in life, in actions and in words.

The elements of this bracelet not only create a beautiful combination, they also hold a powerful message at its center.   Compassion and Clearing.

Wear it in good health.   As always, these bracelets are one-of-a-kind.

Price:    $65  US plus shipping


If you are interested, please reference this bracelet when you email:


IMG_1443  IMG_1441



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  IMG_0024  IMG_1461

IMG_1486  IMG_1466


This bracelet energizes and soothes at the same time.    Peruvian Amazonite spheres provide the warm teal color that is soft and yet quite potent.   This is a stone that supports heart and throat communication.    When one’s heart is open, it is easier to find one’s voice and speak the truth from within.    These stones are accented by two smaller pink kunzite beads (AAA quality – which is very, very good!)   Pink stones generally have to do with love, and pink kunzite is no exception.   It is known to offer energy  to the heart chakra, the power center in the chest that allows us to open ourselves to love, gratitude, compassion, joy.    Tiny micro-faceted quartz accent beads empower the circle, while a brass spiral bead provides the center axis.    Let’s spiral up the love!   The spiral brings us into our center and back out again.

This is a one-of-a-kind offering.

$45 US plus shipping.

Please email me if you are interested in this one.


    IMG_1475   IMG_1458


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Here is another handmade and unique bracelet using healing stones.     This one has faceted oval Pietersite beads which have beautiful golden flecks in rich chocolate brown.    On either side are faceted spheres of Golden Pyrite, which bring out the warmth inherent in the Pietersite, and adds a quality of protection.    The centerpiece of the bracelet is a leaf-shaped medallion of semi-translucent Polished Agate.    I love the natural markings  found on one side of the leaf.   All in all, the stones in this bracelet are known to support grounding, balance, stability and harmony.    The flat leaf shape against the inside of the wrist can feel quite wonderful!

IMG_0525  IMG_0493

IMG_0490  IMG_0377

$25  plus $5 shipping (US destinations only)

If you are interested, please email Henri directly.



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Amazonite and Aqua Aura Quartz Bracelet


Beautiful Peruvian Amazonite bracelet with single large Aqua Aura Quartz spherical bead and a Ming Dynasty glass bead (melon shaped) in Caribbean blue.    The energy is soft and yet supportive and strong.     The Ming Dynasty glass is flanked by  four clear quartz spacer beads (micro-faceted).     This is a unique piece, handmade and energized.   

$38 plus $5 shipping (to US destinations).   For overseas, email Henri for more details.

If interested contact Henri to check availability.


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