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JAPAN – Kanto region


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Healing Concierge AUBE 


[Qualifications and Certifications]
Energy ALIVE® Certified Senior Practitioner
Energy ALIVE® Certified Mentor
Quantum Touch® certified practitioner

We know that we have in our life force energy a sophisticated and strong power that helps us repair and heal ourselves. Also, although we have our individual bodies, we start noticing that each one of us is so precious and is part of the "Great Circulation of Life". Or there are some people who have already noticed that we have the same energy system as the "Great Circulation of Life" and we are affecting each other.

By doing Energy Alive, you can notice the subtle energetic signals inside and around you, and resolve and release causality (linkage). You can also help the client's self transformation (which equals their self integration process). Healing heart (mind) and feelings, and health improvement is just a beginning of this transformation.

◆ For more information about Energy ALIVE classes in Japan, please contact Synchronicity Japan Inc.

Tel: 03-5411-0530 
Website: www.voice-inc.co.jp

[Session Hours]
Meeting session: 11:00 am - 18:00 pm
Distant session: 21:00 pm - 23:00 pm

By appointment only (irregular holidays)
If you have any requests, please feel free to ask me.

[Session Rate]
Meeting Session:
- Basic course (90 min.) ¥18,000 plus tax
- Long course (120 min.) ¥24,000 plus tax
- Spirit course (150 min.) ¥38,000 plus tax
Distant Session:
- Basic course (45 min.) ¥10,000 plus tax
- Long course (75 min.) ¥15,000 plus tax
- Kumano course (75 min.) ¥18,000 plus tax (non-regular course)

[Session Room Location]
Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN.
Additional details will be provided when you make your reservation.

[Contact information]
For your reservation at the session, questions, etc., please E-mail address below.
E-mail: reserve@healing-aube.com

Kamoi Mieko-san, EA certified practitioner photo

KAMOI, Mieko
I really appreciate that I was able to overcome my stress and sickness because
I’ve known EnergyALIVE. I’m also glad to see that my clients are getting better
step by step. In addition, I felt that my voice became deeper
due to EnergyALIVE, when I sing Canzone.

I’d like to care for youth and health, and will practice EA, praying peace in mind. I wish I can help others to become happy with smile.

【Contact Information】
1-11-9-905, Azusawa, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0051 Japan
Phone: 03-5392-1234 Fax: 03-5392-1234
Mobile: 090-9826-4452
Email: miekokamoi@yahoo.co.jp
Language: Japanese, English



Healing space treetop representative

While in Hawaii studying massage I came across this technique called Energy Alive®.
The use of this technique before bodywork helps to get better results by relaxing and
loosening the client’s muscles. Energy ALIVE is also very effective and useful for a
therapist’s self-care. I would like many people to experience this gentle and wonderful
technique as I have done so myself. With a combination of singing bowls and Energy
ALIVE, you will fall into a deep relaxing sleep.


[Contact information]
E-mail:  treetop1908@hotmail.co.jp

For operating time and other information, please check the website.

[Qualifications and Certifications]
Energy ALIVE® Certified Practitioner
CHAMPPISSAGE Master therapist


Phone: 090-4839-7336
Email: wakuwaku1515@docomo.ne.jp
Session fee: 60min - ¥15,000

Illnesses are caused by stress. By releasing stress from your body, you can even smoothe your relationship with other people. Energy ALIVE has helped me cope with the experience of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. This is why I’m delighted to practice Energy ALIVE in the Tohoku area as well. I’m hoping to support you in arousing your inner healer with the light touch of Energy ALIVE.

*Please feel free to consult us regarding time and place. We also operate our private home salon.


【Contact Information】

Certification of International TCM doctor level
International Chinese Medical Dietitian of China
Association of Chinese Medicine
International Medical Qigong master of the World
Academic Society of Medical Qigong
Energy Alive® Certified Practitioner

I first encountered Energy ALIVE while I was learning about 'Healing Energy' that is widely used in the world, and while studying traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medical food, and Qigong. The viewpoint that the client heals by himself/herself and improves by his/her own potential ability interested me.

We already have wonderful abilities and a strong life force. But when we get tired, our life force energies can weaken, and the flow of prana is interrupted through stress. I can help you to release those things with the soft light touch of Energy ALIVE.

I would be more than happy to help you to be back on form.
Please come for an initial session and have the experience of being comfortable.

Hayama, Kanagawa

KADOYA, Hiroe K.
I had been working on cancer patients as a reflexologist. And I often felt that there was something in common among patients who fully healed. When I notice that, I started looking for something more I could do, and I met Energy ALIVE® which came to me very naturally.

Energy ALIVE® is a wonderful work that wakes up your natural abilities (power) which are not active or got stuck inside of you, and improve your physical and mental health.

Energy ALIVE® is safe to receive for anyone under any kind of treatment. Please feel free to contact me.

【Qualifications and Certifications】
・Energy ALIVE® Certified Practitioner
・JHRS Certified VRT Reflexologist
・Phytotherapist(Medical Herb・Aroma Therapy・Forest Therapy)
・Quantum Touch® Level 1, Level 2
・Simonton Training Program
・Career Counselor

【Session locations】
Home office is in Hayama, Kanagawa.
Also home and office visits are available without call fee.

【Session Rate】
Energy ALIVE only
60min.  ¥ 10,000
90min.  ¥ 15,000

Combination with reflexology or phytotherapy (medical herb or aroma therapy) is available. Also there is a discount for both care receiver and caregiver.

【Contact & Appointments】
Email: info@peatural.com
Phone: 090-9399-0357
Please make an appointment from a referral. I’m not available to pick up phone calls at all times. Please leave me your name, phone number, your referral and request. I will call you back as soon as possible. I can suggest other practitioners if you don’t have a referral.


When the gentle touch of Energy ALIVE releases the sluggish energy stored in your body, you’ll feel your energy flow freely and smoothly. A feeling of deep relief and comfort will follow.
This happens peacefully in the process of integration. You’ll find your body light, mind clear, and spirit and heart filled with joy.
Unwell feelings are messages from within you. Feel the signals and listen to their messages. When you are connected with your inner wisdom, you’ll realize that you’re born to be whole and priceless. And you’ll just smile!!

【Qualifications and Certifications】
Energy ALIVE® Certified Practitioner
Energy Therapist
Quantum-Touch® Level 1, Self Created Health
Intuitive Counseling

【Contact Information】
E-mail: mayotsuchiya@muse.ocn.ne.jp
Phone: 090-8345-6618


MINE, Emiko
Our body and mind are linked together.
Our body is easy to get strained, when we feel stress.

But if you allow your body to release useless energy,
you will be refreshed and you may find situations can be better.

The very soft touch of Energy ALIVE@
can help you to relax and be in good condition.

【Contact Information】

Email: fwga5920@hotmail.com
Fujisawa City, KanagawaMasami Suzuki

SUZUKI, Masami (Hina)
Most of us don't know about ourselves. For example, our occupations, lifestyles, and other factors that cause stress can create tightness in our upper bodies. It's hard for us to realize that our necks, shoulders, and backs are screaming due to the tension accumulated through daily activities. Subconscious emotions impact physical health as well, and unresolved feelings can manifest themselves into bodily apprehension.

My wish is that we learn about the condition of our bodies and hearts, and listen, so that we may understand the messages they are sending all of the time.

Please allow me to help you to hear the voices from your heart and body with the gentle touch of Energy Alive.

Necco Healing (advance reservation only)
Kugenuma, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Pref.
Phone: 0466-60-0911*
Email: hina@necco-healing.com*
Website: http://necco-healing.com/index.html/ 
(Japanese only)
* You can contact me in both English and Japanese.

【Qualifications and Certifications】
Energy AliveⓇ Certified Practitioner
Quantum TouchⓇ Certified Practitioner
JAMHA Certified Herbal Therapist
ESIR Certified Cosmo-Eye Reflexologist
IMSI Certified Head-Spa Therapist
New Zealand Flower Essence Practitioner
Forest TherapistⓇ
Frontiers Of Health Workshops by Christine Page M.D
Noda City, ChibaOkamoto Naohiro EA profile photo

OKAMOTO, Naohiro

K-Forum Bld.#2,266-2 Hanai,Noda-city,Chiba
SOYOKAZE Sekkotsu-in

Phone: 04-7157-3982
Fax: 04-7157-3982
Mobile: 090-5326-7279
Email: soyokaze3982@yahoo.co.jp
Language: Japanese

[Session Rate]
Meeting Session
- Standard session (60 min.) ¥10,000
- Long-time session (90 min.) ¥15,000

8:30a.m. ~ 12:00p.m.
3:30p.m. ~ 8:30p.m.
8:30a.m. ~ 2:30p.m.
closed on Sunday and holidays

Judo-therapist (qualified bonesetter)
Diploma of traffic accident
Energy Alive® Certified Practitioner
Skin Drive System

I am a Judo-therapist (qualified bonesetter).
I became an Energy Alive Practitioner because it is useful to many people to give a wide variety of treatment (not only injury).
With Judo-Therapy, I can help to improve natural healing power and recovery, working with muscle and bone. Furthermore, with Energy ALIVE I can approach human energy.
I shall be happy if I can give clients useful and various information, and improve local people's QOL (Quality of Life).


Life Energy (Chi) flows throughout the body and vitalizes every small cell of our organs, glands, muscles, and all of the tissues. Its existence is very important in nourishing our lives.

”Energy ALIVE", through my hands and heart, helps you release your stress energy, enables your Life Energy to flow freely and fluently, and raises your Life Energy. Then, an inner flame burning inside is actuated and the only true healing comes from within.

Let your “Energy” come “ALIVE”, boost your mental and physical health, and embrace all your life!!

Minamiaoyama Chiropractic VOICE OF SPINE
Mana Life Energy Work
5-17-6-207 Minami-aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan


【Contact Email】

Rikkyo University,B.A.

【Qualifications and Certifications】
Energy ALIVE® Certified Practitioner
Quantum Touch® Certified Practitioner
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher
Visceral Biomechanics Certified Illustrator
Music for Life Enhancement Diploma (The Institute for Music and Health)
Art for Life Enhancement Diploma (The Arts-Health Institute)
Techniques in Iris Analysis and Nutrition Therapies
International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) Member
IIPA approved Anatomy & Physiology Course

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JAPAN – Chubu region



[Qualifications and Career]
* Reiki Teacher
* Bach Flower Remedies ® Certified Practitioner
* Esalen® Bodywork Certified Practitioner
* Energy ALIVE® Certified Practitioner
* Child-rearing Supporter

[Completed Training Courses]
・Qi Gong
・Attentive hearing &counseling 
・Re-evaluation counseling
・Hakomi Therapy

From a holistic point of view, a person is a spiritual being,
not just a body with physical parts and systems. It is said
that the mind and the emotions are connected to the spirit,
as well as to the body. I believe when body, mind, emotions,
heart, spirit are in harmony, one can live a full life.

Energy ALIVE ® is an outstanding therapy because it not only
makes the body release, but also helps emerge through gentle
touch all emotions and images that have been engraved on one's
memory. "The voice of the body is voice of the mind."
I would like to touch each person I will meet with respect and
heartfulness to help him/her listen to their voice of mind.

Telephone: 0268-74-2017 


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JAPAN – Kinki region


Miu Takeuchi - Energy ALIVE certified practitioner

The calming touch of Energy ALIVE allows us
to hold a comfortable, peaceful space within our
heart and body, and makes it possible to experience
spontaneous healing and transformation. In the process,
our inner sensitivity is naturally cultivated. It would be
a dependable guide to help us realize our unique gifts
and the perfection of nature inside us all. This work
operates beautifully upon our body, heart, mind and spirit,
and inspires them for holistic harmony and growth.
Please feel free to ask any questions and concerns
about Energy ALIVE sessions.

[Qualifications and Certifications]
Energy ALIVE® certified Practitioner
Quantum Touch® certified Practitioner
Usui Reiki Master
Temple of Sophia certified Priestess
Source® certified basic/advanced Trainer
The Diana Cooper School certified Angel Teacher

[Private sessions]
Meeting session: 12:00PM ~ 8:00PM
Distant session: 6:00AM ~ 11:00PM

[Session rates]
Meeting session: 90minutes¥15000 or $150.00
Distant session: 90minutes¥13000 or $130.00

※When traveling to your place or office, travel expenses are additional.
※Sessions for care-givers and caretakers are available at special discount.
Please contact me for details.

[Contact information]


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JAPAN – Chugoku region




Phone:  082-924-0329

I have dealt in electronic therapeutic
instruments for domestic use for many years. I also offer
physical therapy with those instruments. However, I realized
that a human being´s health should be treated more holistically.
Then, I became a Lymph Therapist. Furthermore, I have
learned Energy ALIVE® and Quantum-Touch®.


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Honolulu, Hawaii


(pronounced FUR-jewel)

For more biographical information, please see the CONTACT US section of this website.

email: henri@energy-alive.com
website: www.energy-alive.com
phone: 808-221-1431

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