Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is an Energy ALIVE
® session appropriate for everyone?  

Energy ALIVE is designed to be non-invasive by nature.
This means that rather than forcing one’s body to enter healing mode,
we honor the inherent ability of the body to heal itself.  We do not poke
or prod with fingers or sharp tools.   Instead, with light touch, we support
the body’s orientation to releasing its own stress easily and naturally.
This relief allows the healing to emerge from within.   In a session, the
touch of an Energy ALIVE practitioner is very light and always offered
with respect.   Very often, practitioners will not touch the body at all,
but work slightly off body, in the energy field and chakras.  Therefore,
Energy ALIVE techniques are appropriate for all ages and body types.
It is especially good for the elderly, children and animals, and also
helpful for women who are pregnant.

Of course, should clients have an emergency medical condition, they
should seek the help of their health care practitioner.   Energy ALIVE
is not meant to replace medical care, but to provide an ongoing support
to well-being involving not just the body but the mind, spirit and
heart as well.

Do clients have to lie down during an Energy ALIVE session, or remove clothes (as in massage)?

Clients can receive Energy ALIVE standing, sitting or lying down,
and most find it very relaxing.    Unlike massage, there is no need
to remove clothes,
although it is best to wear loose fitting garments
that are comfortable
.   The practitioner may ask a client to temporarily

remove a heavy watch or large pieces of jewelry if they are too tight.
The most important thing to remember is that we want a client to be
able to breathe comfortably, and clothing should not restrict that.
(The client may be asked to remove shoes.)

What should a client do BEFORE an Energy ALIVE session?

Clients may maintain their normal routine prior to an Energy
ALIVE session.  We do ask that clients wait at least one hour
after eating
before having an Energy ALIVE treatment, but this is
only a suggestion.    Why do we suggest this?  Because immediately
after eating, the body is busy digesting and absorbing the  meal.
This is its priority.   After an hour, most of the intense processing
in the  stomach has occurred, and the body is more available to
shift into “healing” mode.  After an hour, the client is also better
able to be aware with greater mindfulness of their own body-mind

What should a client do AFTER an Energy ALIVE session?

Clients can go about their routine, but to maximize the benefit
of the session, we recommend only relaxed activities following
an Energy ALIVE session.
   This allows clients to notice more
clearly any signals they might receive from their own body,
mind, and heart about what has been released.    Memories or
dreams sometimes emerge at this time.   Insights and
inspiration also can occur.   Giving oneself the benefit of
light activity after a session makes room for all aspects of
self to come closer together.

Please be sure to sip fresh water throughout the day,
especially for the next three days, as this will help any
toxins that have been released to leave the body comfortably.
Good hydration is an important accompaniment to energy healing.
In general alcohol after a session is not recommended, nor do we
recommend going to the gym or working heavily
after a session.