Energy ALIVE Phases

There are three phases in the Energy ALIVE program.    Phase 1 begins with the physical body.  Participants learn the methods of  touch used in Energy ALIVE and specific movement releases that can clear pain and blockages in themselves and others.  All touch is non-invasive – featherlight – but strategically placed for maximum clearing.


Why begin here?    Because most of us have disconnected our
awareness from major areas of our own body. We don’t notice that
we are holding our shoulders tensely, for example, or that we clench
our jaw when we read.   But the body knows and tells us by providing
visible cues:  pain here, tightness there, a migraine, a disease.

Energy ALIVE helps us rebuild a habit of conscious connection
to our own body so that we can feel, see and experience what is
happening directly.   Once we can identify where our tensions are,
we can clear them using Energy ALIVE movement-release and
light touch techniques.

For some individuals, awareness is not the problem.  FOCUS is,
and how to use it to enhance well-being.   This is what we learn
in Phase 2.   We also work with EMOTIONS.    We explore what our
feelings are all about, and what they express.   We especially work
with so-called “negative” emotions and help bring light to these
misunderstood expressions of heart.


Please note:   This is not psychotherapy, nor are we re-programming
the mind.   In Energy ALIVE, we do not try to remove our feelings.
Instead, we work WITH them, unraveling the messages they convey.



In this phase, we work with chakras, energy gates, and other key points in our energetic anatomy.

  • We use a 15-chakra system,  identifying  each chakra and
    understanding how individually and collectively they
    impact daily life.

  • We learn how to differentiate our ways of seeing, so that
    we can understand and appreciate the insights we perceive.

  • We work with transformational points on the body which
    allow trapped energies to release in a powerful way
    .  Some

    of these points are located on acupuncture meridians,
    and some are not.

  • There are additional channels that move through the head.
    These are not mentioned in most healing books.   We’ll work
    with them, learning simple but effective tools that help
    them remain clear.