Energy ALIVE® is a program of energy healing
and holistic mentoring developed by Henri Rand
Furgiuele.  Its purpose is to share tools and techniques
that help the body release its stored stress, and the
mind and heart understand how to create deeper
and more lasting experiences of well-being.


How does it work?

Each person has an inner blueprint or code guiding them
toward wellness and well-being.  In Energy ALIVE, we learn
to work with that code, deciphering its signals and harmonizing
with its intent.    It is much simpler than we think.

We start with the body and build awareness from there, using soft
light touch, and focus.    There are techniques to release
tension, pain and stress.

Then we look under the tension and pain to see what is creating
these effects,  and work gently with what we find.     There are
concepts that help us understand and unravel the hidden
sources of our distress.

Whether you are new to energy healing or an experienced
practitioner in other modalities,
Energy ALIVE will help you
more ways to open yourself to the well-being that is
naturally yours.


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